BotCast #48 – Peekaboo!! Back from break!

BotCast #48 Peekaboo!! Back from break!. Après une pause de 2 ans, le BotCast with Cheese reprend vie. On se réchauffe doucement avant de reprendre les enregistrements en 2013. Celui-ci est écourté puisqu’il manque la moitié. Enregistré le 14 août 2011. 1h20

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Musique entracte: “Break (Remix)” de Xerxes,

Musique fin: “Peekaboo” de Radix,

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Remerciements: et la Charte des Distractions Québécoises

Break: Xerxes, “Break (Remix)”, (cache) (cache) (cache)

OutTro: Radix, “Peekaboo” (cache)

Remerciements: (cache) et la Charte des Distractions Québécoises

New Court Filing Reveals How the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election Was Hacked (cache) (cache)

Trial Brings Attention to Corruption in the New Orleans Police Department (cache)

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Toronto police officer charged in G20 assault (cache)

Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces (cache)

BP Wins a Big One in Oil Spill Litigation (cache)

Greenspan: US Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because It Can Print Money To Pay It (cache)

Couple Beats Bank Of America! (cache)

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TEXAS MAN GETS A $330,000 HOME FOR $16 DOLLARS 7-19-2011 (cache)

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya ‘mission’? (cache)

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